Spiritual Adventure Tours To Sacred Sites Around The World

You may ask, what the heck is a VPN? It’s an internet term and means Virtual Private Network. There, that’s all clear now! Oh, I see. All right, in addition to possible security benefits, a VPN service allows you to make your computer or smartphone think it’s anywhere in the world that you want it to think it is. Why would you want to do this? Some websites, like Vimeo for example, or Netflix, only work in certain countries, like the US. Some countries block specific content from being shown in their countries. Or some websites adjust the content they show you depending on where in the world you are. I have run into this in Thailand and Bali for example. When I do, I fire up my VPN, tell it I’m in the US and voila, content restored! Some YouTube videos, for example, play just fine in the US, but not Bali. Sometimes it helps to get cheaper plane flights too as some countries are charged more than others. You just gotta poke around. What VPN service do I use? Glad you asked. Right now I am using NordVPN. You can try it short term for $11.95 a month or sign up for 1 or 2-year plans for $83.88 and $119.76, respectively. (And, I just discovered if you click the link I just gave, you can sign up for 3 years for $125.64. I didn’t get that option) Once you sign up you can download apps for your desktop computer as well as smartphones. I have my VPN installed on both. I signed up for two years which brings my monthly fee down to $4.99 a month. I plan on traveling a lot and that rate makes it affordable even if I don’t use it for a few months at a time. Plus, it’s kind of fun to see what the planet looks like from 10 different countries in the span of an hour. Happy traveling!

(Transparency – the above link is an affiliate link and I will earn a small commission if you sign up with NordVPN using this link. Thank you for your support!)